Do you need to adapt to the changing environment and to make for more effective procurement?

In most companies, managing the purchasing process is complicated for several reasons such as time, culture, languages, foreign reglementations, customs authorizations. It does required ressources to manage services and contracts. This works represents complex projects management.

In top of this, the today changing global environment, requires for small, medium and large-sized companies procurement's intelligence to manage your sourcing activities with agility. This is the mission with want to achieve for you in a close relathionship to help you to optimize your margins in real time.

Thanks to our worldwide network in China, United States, Latin America and European territories we are abble to present you a range of new sources. Our local contacts are our hear and eyes for markets watch.

We are proud to offer reliable and sustained services to our customers with the focus of being long term partner.

As your procurement service provider we are taking the responsabilities of the products categories you need to focus on, to take your business to the next level.

Talk to us to improve your procurement strategy to build strong basis for your business. Our goal is to facilitate the success of your marketing and sales departments, by bringing them the best cost effective and quality products to promote in the field.

Do you need a strategic sourcing consulting partner? Do you need to achieve positive negociations results?

We are proud to deliver top level international sourcing services to our clients. And,  assuring procurement departments to optimize them purchasing strategy to minimize outsourcing costs and maximize quality and productivity.

We think that the most fundamental aspect of a partnership between two companies is the vision they both have for their businesses. The understanding of what it takes to be successful in their respective markets. Of course, this mutual engagement must embrace the strategic plans of each entity.

From our side we assume that the sourcing management solutions that we offer are essential for business success and that robust partnerships will exist when companies have corporate values that are aligned.

Our coporate values are based on Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism

We think that shared vision and strategy is required to be successful. It does require both parties to support the same vision, strategy, and plans with the appropriate level of investment in human and financial resources and the commitment to stay in the course.
You will find with us a sourcing and procurement's partner to help you to achieve the best possible prices. We always focus on on-time delivery of the products category you need to outsource with us.

As procurement service solution's provider, we can shortlist suppliers for you. As well as import samples of products or organize proof of concept for your OEM projects. 

By studies we are abble to simulate cost reduction and the potential benefits for your organization. To do so, we can support with consulting services to help you to optimize procurement intelligence. And give you the key points to make successful decisons for your business with dedicated market analysis and economics reports.  

We provide a variety of services in international trade, logistics, market studies, business development, distribution strategy and sales developmenty strategy to help our clients to develop globally their export activities successfully and profitably.

We are ready to help you and analyze your needs.

We offer you customized sourcing and procurement solutions for all your development projects in Asia, Europe, Middle East, United States, South of America...

Do you require supply chain's plateform that helps global sourcing?

We are use to work on client specific request to optimize procurment cost and manage strategic sourcing. We know how to facilitate  negociation, manage tendering, auditing factories. Together we will improve the process of your supply chain, on behalf of our employees.

Our European wohelsaler business license allow our company to operate worlwide with any products categories restriction. We can supply you as well with the right quality products you needs. With MONDIALISTO you can purchase direct from factory, minimize risks, reduce procurement adminstration tasks, and save costs. We manage importation and exportation's projects everyday and we assume the main responsabilities of the logistics and supply chain management.

Contact us to get more informations about the various options of quality services sourcing and solutions you can co-create with us. 


Don’t wait to take your business to the next level with MONDIALISTO®

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